Saturday, 25 September 2010


now that im getting used to blogger, im trying to decide what type of blog to make it. i was thinking either a cannabis culture blog, or a food blog, what do you guys think? :))))


i'm aware bobby mcferrin is the singer of the title of my blog, but i want to do a post on this guy anyway.
he was amazing :)
when you think of him, you just imagine this really happy, nice guy that would pass you his joint anytime. that guy really knew how to live. i dont think anything got him down - he was just always looking on the positive side of life.
rip bob, you are amazinggg. :)

Friday, 24 September 2010

hi guys

goddd i really dont know what to put on my blog, this is all so difficult :( quality posts will come tomorrow, i promise!


i just made a blogger :D ill mostly be posting things i just find interesting :))) hope you like